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Software Development Stages

Technology Development in 4 Steps


Collect of data




Aesthetic, corporate and functional design


Development and implementation

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Frequently Asked Questions

about Technology Development Florida

Software Development studies one or more aspects of the creation, management, maintenance and testing of reliable and quality software, based on engineering methods and techniques, using one or more programming languages.

The components necessary for modern software development encompass different areas of programming, design, computer programming, digital application creation, and operational procedures for developing software.  All fundamental in our society, which is increasing in digital systems Florida, USA.

A programming language allows us to communicate with computers through algorithms, it is a set of symbols and codes used to guide the programming of structures in software development, a computer language specially designed to describe instructions that the computer understands and interprets in machine language.

A hosting is an online service that allows you to publish software or a web application on the Internet. When you sign up for hosting, you rent a space on a server where you can store all the necessary files and data that a company wants.

Companies have found an opportunity to generate applications or software to help meet the needs of users who want to perform processes quickly and efficiently without having to leave home. It is for this reason that providing potential customers with a well-developed tool will help to build loyalty and maintain a permanent contact with users.

Programming is the process used to create some kind of application or software. It is the process by which a person develops software, using a tool that allows him/her to write the code (There are many types of programming, depending on the language to be used, such as C++, Java and Python, among others). Currently, programming is closely associated with the creation of computer applications and video games.

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