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As a leading agency in the market, we use advanced tools for the realization of direct Email Marketing advertising campaigns through the massive sending of Emails. We transmit to your customers the necessary information in a direct, effective and creative way through email.

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4 steps to follow for your Mailing Development

When creating an effective email marketing campaign it is necessary to implement creativity, design and content generation according to the information that the business wants to send to its target audience. To achieve this, it is necessary to always follow the graphic identity and the way the company communicates to achieve an effective mailing strategy.

When sending an email, one of the main aspects that must be taken into account is the presentation. Before sending the final mailing, it is necessary to check the spelling very well and make a test to verify that the mail has a good visualization on mobile devices.

To effectively send email campaigns in Digital Marketing Agency we use professional tools that help to overcome spam filters, thus achieving to reach the inbox or promotions. In addition, it will have the necessary qualities to have a correct reception of the email.

We analyze the results obtained with the mass emailing by observing the behaviors and actions performed by customers through defined metrics such as the number of openings, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, etc.. In this way we will be able to make the necessary optimizations for the following mailings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

about Email Marketing Bogota

Email marketing is a strategy used within the actions of direct marketing in Bogotá mailing agency, which is based on sending emails to a defined database, whether potential customers or prospects. With these emails you can reach an approach with customers, achieving increased sales and generating confidence in a service or product.

The email marketing strategy is used to promote or market the products or services that different companies offer in a direct, fast and economical way. In this way, a large number of contacts will be reached from an established segmentation in a few hours and in an economical way.

By implementing in the digital marketing strategy the use of email marketing campaigns you can acquire many benefits for the business. As it is a digital tool, measurable information is acquired that will help to know the customer better by having a direct channel of communication with them, thus reinforcing the brand image in the market.

In addition, with this mass mailing tool you will be able to tailor the message to be sent, segment the audience and generate automations focused on sales.

The ideal moment to send mass e-mails is when a customer’s lead is obtained. With a considerable amount in the database you can begin to place this element within the digital marketing strategy to send information following the parameters set out in the strategy.

However, it is always important that you get advice from the Mailing Bogotá Experts.

By using email marketing we will have the certainty of sending content on a large scale without the need to send junk content to the database. By creating campaigns with content of interest and relevance to customers, which is friendly and visually appealing, taking into account the communication that you want to deliver through mass mailing, you will avoid sending SPAM emails.

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