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Marketing automation
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Marketing automation
Marketing automation
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Are you interested in increasing your business performance?

As a Digital Marketing Agency we create strategies that strengthen the entire commercial process the whole commercial process, aligning the exposure with the commercial force we aim to increase sales performance and the return generated, minimizing the % of human error and the return generated, we minimize the % of human error and free the time of the teams the time of the teams focusing them on high impact activities to close sales.


Marketing Automation

Optimal processes to strengthen your company

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4 Steps to automate

your business processes

In this step it is essential to understand what challenges our Marketing Automation experts will have to face. To do so, they must know and understand the sensitive points of your company’s business process, the automation scopes and the teams to interact with.

Once we identify the challenges to overcome, our Digital Marketing Agency professionals will build a map of functional, comprehensive and viable processes to implement them in your company.

Once the process map is structured, our team of experts will configure the platforms for the management and control of the opportunities generated among your potential customers or prospects.

To achieve the best results we empower your team to know the process to be performed in order to be able to strengthen their internal processes supported by automatic actions.

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Marketing automation bogota

Frequently Asked Questions

about Marketing Automation

Automation is a marketing and sales tool that automates several of the tasks you perform manually, such as sending email campaigns, email follow-up and lead generation. With this process you will help drive your leads through the sales funnel with a minimum of time and resources invested, with maximum speed and efficiency.

Most marketing and sales automation applications offer different core features such as CRM, email marketing, lead generation, tracking and reporting. With these applications you will be able to design processes that will give your company a positive boost.

Companies that use automation in lead generation report a 450% increase in the number of leads. In addition, 78% of companies state that the automation process is responsible for improving their revenue generation.

If used correctly, you will see that marketing automation is a powerful tool that generates good results, because you will be able to execute a large number of actions that manually take a long time. In addition, it will bring you benefits such as:

  • Get the segmentation of your database in an automatic way.
  • Perform remarketing campaigns to reactivate a specific group of users.
  • You will be able to manage the sending times of email campaigns or schedule the posts of different social networks.
  • Update and create segments based on their profiles and interests to help you get to know your contacts better.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a management solution related to sales, marketing, customer service and all existing points of contact. With the use of a CRM in your strategy you will be able to improve the attention and relationships you have with your potential customers, thus achieving customer loyalty and satisfaction which allows you to obtain a very positive impact in terms of recurring and cross-sales.

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