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Our purpose is to be a support for all Marketing Directors, CMO, CCO and COO to excel in their companies, achieving the fulfillment of global goals through Inbound Marketing as a digital methodology focused on the generation of qualified leads and an increase in the closing percentages increasing the ROI. At AMD we focus on optimizing the healthy marketing of your products and services being specialists in all stages of the conversion Funnel achieving business opportunities for your sales teams.

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Inbound Marketing in 4 Steps


Experts in researching and identifying the crucial interests of viewers, transforming it into relevant content that generates and enhances lead conversion and attracts potential customers.


We provide the necessary tools for the viewer to have a functional and optimal Journey accelerating their conversion between the stages of the conversion funnel.


Specialists in SMARKETING aligning with the efforts of each company's own sales team and the maturity generated through non-invasive channels such as Email Whatsapp Etc.


Campaigns focused on tracking and building a beneficial top of hearth for each company.

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Specialists in growing business through Inbound Marketing we design, execute and optimize strategies for the growth of companies in United States.

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HubSpot Partner Agency

We are an agency partner with one of the most complete inbound marketing platforms in the world, HubSpot, the best software to carry out effective strategies with the help of our CRM specialists.

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113,000 clients in more than 120 countries trust HubSpot for their growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inbound Marketing in Colombia is a methodology focused on the capture and management of database volumes acquired by different Inbound Marketing  services that are used by the marketing and sales team to close business. In addition, it focuses on the needs of the consumer through valuable content that is useful for them, thus achieving the growth of your company.

An inbound marketing agency is in charge of developing efficient attraction strategies, it differs from traditional marketing, since it focuses on capturing the attention of consumers in the different stages of buying, understanding the reason for each step and thus optimizing the online content to reach the desired customer, generating long-term assets through achievable goals.

In inbound marketing it is very important to know and understand the customer’s needs for this is made a Consumer Journey (consumer journey) to offer valuable content and prepare it to make a purchase.

Because it allows to change the strategy based on only investing in social networks and digital marketing just to acquire followers, likes and visits to the website, as this type of tactics currently do not cause optimal results. By using an Inbound Marketing Colombia strategy we will be able to recognize the needs of our customers to offer them content that offers them what they need to satisfy. We are a HubSpot partner agency in Colombia.

With an Inbound Marketing strategy we can acquire 3 advantages

  • The first one is based on knowing the sources through which the business closings reached.
  • The second is focused on the delivery of hot leads to the sales team so that they can talk to those users who are really interested.
  • The third is based on the automation in the generation and qualification of leads received in the different Inbound Marketing services.

The Buyer Persona within our Inbound Marketing strategy seeks to classify your ideal market and customers in 2 or 3 types of customers who have needs and desires that relate to your product and / or service that will work to improve the production of content that increase the likelihood of closing sales.

They trusted us

At Inbound Marketing Agency in United States we build relationships of trust with a large number of clients.

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