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As a Leading Digital Agency in the market, we create effective Growth Marketing Colombia strategies based on the digital experience of our Growth Hacking professionals, who measure and optimize active campaigns from the permanent cycle, oriented to the growth and improvement of your business objectives.

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Growth Hacking Strategies in 3 Steps


Brand Recognition

As a Growth Marketing Colombia agency we know that knowing your company is the first step to identify and choose the right Growth Hacking services for your B2B business. To do this our experts in Growth Hacking Bogota will conduct a market study, recognize your potential customer and understand your digital ecosystem to determine all the factors that your company must have to compete in the market in which it will participate.


Creation of the strategy

Once we have all the information about your business, we will be able to identify the objectives and methods necessary to achieve the growth of your brand. We will achieve this by designing Growth Marketing Colombia strategies that will be implemented in different SEO techniques, digital advertising campaigns and A/B tests that will allow us to give your company visibility in the market that will attract the attention of new potential customers.


Measuring results and self-feeding

In all strategies it is important to measure the results obtained in Growth Marketing strategies, to generate action plans that deliver optimizations in campaigns that increase the usability and effectiveness in each of the services that in Growth Marketing Colombia agency we handle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Growth Hacking Bogota is a discipline that seeks different ways to reduce investment costs and efforts to increase quickly and noticeably the volume of users, revenue or impacts of our B2B company through different Growth Marketing services.

Growth Marketing differs from traditional Digital Marketing because it is focused only on the commercial aspects of the B2B business. This means that the vision of the service is exclusively focused on detecting in time the opportunities and optimizations necessary to achieve online sales, including those focused on the acquisition of new customers.

Although Growth Marketing Colombia is a service that is tailored to the client’s situation, generally 3 stages are taken into account for its initial implementation:

  • The analysis of the product and/or service, the relevance of the available metrics, the development of new metrics and the general analysis of the present situation of the Growth Marketing company.
  • The Growth Marketing strategy and the implementation of each of the actions.
  • The analysis of the results obtained and the necessary optimizations to improve them.

The mindset that Growth Marketing Colombia requires makes B2B companies learn to see digital business in a completely different way. This eventually turns into something positive, as brands discover how through the Growth Hacking Bogota methodology they can achieve the necessary optimization to generate a positive revolution in their business.

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