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As a leading agency in the market we create your corporate image manual, we create innovative and sustainable brands, we combine marketing strategies, color theory, lettering and attractive designs in order to build unique identities in the market. We also create strategies when designing your logos, isotypes and logos to match new trends. We are experts in the creation of your brand manual and design of logos, isotypes and logos.

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Corporate image design

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Creative Concepts in a Corporate Image

This is how we create your brand.

At Agencia Marketing Digital we are always willing to listen to you to get to know and learn about your business. We will create a corporate image that will reflect the values that your company has, so that you can communicate to the world what your brand is made of.

For our experts there is no doubt that one of the factors to be taken into account when creating your brand is to first know your target audience and the market in which they will participate.

After knowing this, we can create through design the corporate image manual with the best quality.

We want to reflect the best vision of your brand and in order to do so it is necessary to effectively communicate your concept. To achieve this, it is essential to gather all the information to be put together and coupled in the best way to make your corporate identity unique.

At the moment of starting the creative process our professional team is in charge of the creation of your brand through the development of your corporate identity manual, the elaboration of a logotype, isotype and/or imagotype where we will apply according to the uses and needs of the company always with the best quality.

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Creative agency in corporate image design in United States

The Naming in the corporate image

The brand name for corporate image design

May seem a purely creative procedure, it is actually an analytical process in 80% and creative in 20%,

The naming is one of the fundamental assets for brands, because it works by itself the positioning, proposal, values and universe of the brands, important items for a good branding and brand identity construction.

Tipos de namind manual de marca


Indicates what the company, enterprise or brand, product or service is or does.

Diseño de imagen corporativa manual de marca


In this case, the name of the person who started the brand or service is used.

Diseño de logotipos


An invented word that acquires a long-term meaning.

Naming para imangen de marca corporativa


They make reference to their area of influence delimiting the market of a place.

Naming acronimo en diseño de imagen


It is extracted from the initials of the words that make up the name.

We give life to your brand and make it visible with your corporate image manual.

Types of logos

Which one should I choose for the corporate identity

When designing a logo, it must be simple, representative and original. This will help it to be scalable, long-lasting, memorable and relevant for our project and public.

Currently, we could classify logos into four different types: logotype, isotype, imagotype, and isologotype. You must choose which is the best option to represent your brand and have a corporate identity that adapts to all the brand’s needs.

Logotipo en el diseño de identidad corporativa bogota


We talk about Logo when the brand is identified by text.

Diseño de logotipo en colombia


Combination of image and text that can work separately.

Tipos de logos en la identidad coporativa isotipo


Symbolic part of the brand.
The brand is recognized without the text

Ibm 1


The text and the icon are grouped together. One does not work without the other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

about Corporate Image Design

The corporate image design is the representation that a company has, where it compiles all the visual and graphic elements in order to be identified and distinguished among its competitors. This element is essential because it must be taken into account that users have access to many brands, so it is important to have a brand image that is striking and creates remembrance in the audiences.

Nowadays it is essential to have an identity in the market since it helps to create and increase the notoriety of the company in front of the competition, thus achieving brand recognition with the audiences and helping them to differentiate it among other companies.

Having a good corporate image will bring the company a competitive advantage, since it will build a permanent communication with the users, leading them to trust the brand, thus causing the positioning of the company in the market and increasing its value among potential customers.

The corporate image design is focused on the creation of a set of visual elements in order to provoke the recognition of a company, product or service to consumers.

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We are graphic designers, lovers of corporate identity design

Part of our creative process is based on having a design thought to analyze something (a problem), as the best designer would do, obviously in order to find a solution, exposed like this it seems
Easy, but what’s behind? We are going to explain what our creative process consists of:


We put ourselves in your shoes to generate solutions with your reality


We filter the information, we keep what really adds value.


We generate concepts and graphic ideas of value, “the more options the better”.


We build “quick” sketches that will help us shape the solution.


We will teach you more functional brand proposals for your business.

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