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As a leading agency in the market expert and certified in Google Ads and Bing, we combine cutting-edge technologies, where we analyze the segmentation and generate strategies to appear in the first places in Google and Bing ads thanks to our SEM analysts your advertising on Google is more effective.

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Google Ads Campaigns

6 Steps of how we do it.

The first approach with the client is done either cold or not. At Agencia Marketing Digital we identify the needs of the business in order to provide a unique customer experience, where all the important factors to improve are exposed with the help of the knowledge of our experts.

To create advertising on Google it is necessary to conduct a market study to determine, with the help of the company, the target audience and market niche in which the business participates. With this information you can discover the times, locations and the type of campaign to implement to proceed with the creation of the strategy of the ad in Google Ads Bogota.

Having all the characteristics obtained in the market study, we can identify the target and the type of Google campaigns to be carried out. Our team of SEM analysts will create an effective strategy where the keywords to be implemented, the times and places where the ads will appear will be planned. All this will be achieved with a complete budget planning to generate an ad or ad groups in Google Ads Bogota that will benefit your company.

Like any strategy it is important to measure the results obtained with the ad, to generate new strategies to increase the usability and effectiveness of Google Ads Bogota campaigns or if you have achieved effective results with the first strategy.

It has at all times with a team of experts looking for new innovative and effective strategies.

The evaluation of the results of the campaign will be carried out through an analysis, with this information a report will be generated specifying the implementation of the ad and the results obtained. After this step, we will self-feed the campaign to proceed the following month to generate new strategies to increase the traceability of the campaign in Google Ads.

Through Google Advertising we position the company committing ourselves to have you in the first position, through the development of strategies and a constant optimization of the campaigns through our trained staff. We offer you the best opportunity for the company to obtain the best results when appearing in search engines.

Publicidad en google ads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is an online advertising solution that businesses use to promote their products and/or services within Google search, YouTube and other sites on the web. In addition, it gives the opportunity to choose specific ad targets, whether it is generating phone calls or visiting a website.

In this way, it provides the opportunity to create customized strategies for the budget to be used, the targeting and the permanence of the ads on Google.

Those companies that use Google Adwords for their advertising gives them the opportunity to reach potential customers who are performing searches related to the product and / or service that the business is offering. In this way an increase in sales will be evidenced thanks to the ads, getting at the end a return on investment paid for advertising.

When planning a strategy for Google Ads it is essential to investigate which keywords will be fundamental, observing their use by the competition and the results obtained with them to achieve the objective, since you will know with which words you can appear more times in the search engines.

It is for this reason that this tool should be used because without them the Google Adwords campaigns that are carried out will not work and you will not get the necessary clicks.

Investing in Adwords will give the company the opportunity to gain visibility to appear in this way in the top positions of the search engine, to achieve this it is necessary to think about a budget that is in line with the needs and objectives proposed.

For this reason, in Agencia Marketing Digital you will always have a team of experts that will adapt a budget designed to meet the goals proposed by the business.

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