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As a Digital Agency Market Leader in the development of online stores, we combine effective strategies that help your online store to be dynamic and attractive, without losing its functionality; Where you can view statistics of the store, configure the product sheets, shipping costs and all the necessary processes in an online store. We also position and optimize your website, to appear in the top of Google (SEO) thanks to our team of Web Masters Experts Web site developments that DO SELL!

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Selling with Ecommerce or Online Store

your products, it has never been easier

Diseño de tiendas virtuales bogotá

1. Design your online store

Take your business to the Digital World with the help of Online Store Design Experts.

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2. Manage your Ecommerce

Just worry about Organize your Ecommerce products and configure Prices and Shipping Values.

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3. Sell your Products

Finally supervise the Order Forms and make sure that the products arrive to their destination.

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5 Steps we follow

for the Development of your Ecommerce

To have an Ecommerce it is necessary to conduct a market study to determine, with the help of the company, the target audience and the market niche in which the business participates. With this information you can discover what sociological, geographic and psychographic characteristics should be taken into account when designing the Ecommerce.

Having all the characteristics of the target that the business has, a digital marketing strategy can be established to help boost the brand through the planning and execution of objectives focused on the creation of appropriate content to highlight the identity of the company. In this way, the business will be able to stand out from the competition, achieving a good positioning of the Ecommerce.

Nowadays it is necessary to implement the use of valuable content for customers and users of the brand to achieve their interest. To achieve this, it is important to rely on four types of publication: informative, institutional, indirect sales and value-added content.

With the help of market research, one of the benefits acquired is the possibility of creating intelligent guidelines where a strict segmentation of the potential customers to be reached can be carried out.

With this process you can reach a wider acceptance of customers and users of an Ecommerce.

To analyze and evaluate the results obtained in the guideline in Digital Marketing Agency we create monthly reports for the company to know what goals have been achieved by implementing the use of creative strategies for the positioning and recognition of the virtual store. This review will be vital to know what steps should be implemented to achieve better results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

for the Design of an Ecommerce.

An Ecommerce or Virtual Store is a system for buying and selling products and / or services using the Internet as the primary means to approach users. To achieve this it is necessary to attract the right target audience and generate the necessary confidence to make the purchase online.

There is a variety of products that can be sold through an online store, among them are those products that can be sent by courier, can be picked up in a physical store or digital products that can be downloaded once the customer makes the payment.

Something to keep in mind when creating an online store is that at first everything that is uploaded must go through review, verification and then correction so that everything is well structured to communicate assertively what you want to sell. For this reason we can start with the main products to properly configure and organize the Ecommerce and then upload the other products. But in general there is no limit to the number of products.

You must keep in mind that having an Ecommerce will be a new sales channel for the business, which will have an organization and will be a way to make purchases in a short time. It is for this reason that you must manage a positioning work to generate the expected goals once the website is positioned, thus achieving recognition in the market and the trust of potential customers who will purchase the product/service.

Diseño de tiendas virtuales

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